Brief History

A Brief History

Fellowship has been the welcome place for English-speaking Christians since 1921.  It had its origins in the Protestant nonconformist movement in São Paulo and was given the name “The Union Church of São Paulo.”

old FFCIn 1942 a formal constitution was adopted and officially registered, at which time the name “Igreja Cristã Unida de São Paulo” was chosen. The name in English became “Fellowship Community Church”.

The congregation worshipped in several locations in São Paulo until the present site was located and purchased (June 1944). The original building on this site was São Paulo’s first radio station.FCC - construction

In 1953, as a culmination to a vigorous fundraising campaign, the present sanctuary was dedicated, and in 1960 the present education building was inaugurated.

Fellowship continues to be a faithful and vibrant congregation and to strive to provide ongoing freshness and vigor to those who seek to be Christian disciples.